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November 14: Full Day Seminar | November 14: Full Day Webcast
 November 19 & 20: Two Half Day Webcasts 

Grow your tax practice
by getting better at what you know…
and find out
what you’ve been missing!

Early Bird Special! Sign up now to receive The Ultimate Guide to Tax Resolution (Hardcover textbook) + Selling Your Professional Services as a Non-Professional Sales Person (paperback) + 3 Months of VIP Membership including 1 hour of consultation time, included in the price of admission. A $995 Value!


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Grow your tax practice by getting better at what you know and find out what you’ve been missing!

  • New Tax Laws
  • Audits
  • Appeals
  • Tax Resolution

Have you ever considered expanding your client offerings with Tax Resolution / Tax Controversy?

Over 26 Million of the 153 Million Taxpayers in the US disagree with or can’t afford to pay the amount they owe.

Let the Tax Resolution Institute show you how Tax Resolution can keep your income flowing all year long.

Did you know that a single Offer in Compromise case could earn your practice between $5,000 – $15,000? Only one case a month could add over $60,000 to your bottom line.

Sign up now for the Tax Resolution Institute Full Day Seminar in Los Angeles, CA on August 1st, 2018.

Can’t make it in person? No Problem! The entire event will be streamed online across the country.

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If you can’t answer these questions, you should take this course…

  1. Is an offer in compromise always better than an installment agreement?
  2. What percentage of offers get accepted?
  3. Are taxes dischargeable in bankruptcy?
  4. What should my client do if they cannot afford to pay anything?
  5. Can I get my client “off the hook” if they are found personally responsible for payroll tax liability?
  6. Can my client refinance their home if they have a tax lien?
  7. Where can I turn if my client has a complex tax problem and I don’t have the time or desire to help them?

Questions? Email us at or call 877-829-8370.


Learn from the tax resolution industry experts/leaders who set the standard for Tax Resolution firms across the nation. Peter Stephan has built a highly successful and reputable business and has over 25 years of experience in negotiating with the IRS, State and local taxing agencies the best resolution for both individuals and businesses with tax problems.

Attend the Tax Resolution Essentials 200A – (Advanced Tax Resolution) course, become a Tax Resolution Specialist and grow your practice to new heights.

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*Live attendees are encouraged to arrive at 8am in order to network and meet with the speakers


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Peter Y. Stephan, CPA

Peter Stephan’s early research into U.S. tax code led him to specialize in IRS practices and procedures. As a tax consultant, Peter Stephan focused his practice in the area of IRS and State collection including the challenges that come with providing effective tax resolution services. As the author of The Ultimate Tax Resolution Guide, Mr. Stephan quickly became known as the guy who wrote the book (literally) on tax resolution services.

Other professionals, including attorneys, accountants and enrolled agents, sought Peter Stephan out to teach them the intricacies of the tax resolution business. In addition to practicing, tax resolution expert Peter Stephan shares his insights into successfully working with the IRS to achieve successful outcomes.

Peter Stephan built the Tax Resolution Institute as a firm with a unique blend of skills in accounting, taxation, business consulting for small & middle-sized companies and individuals in diverse industries. These broad set of skills, experience and expertise allow tax resolution consultant Peter Stephan and the tax experts at the Tax Resolution Institute to help people and organizations achieve tax relief through the strategic use of financial know-how.

In addition to specializing in the area of tax resolution, Peter’s firm also provides capital market expertise and other financial services including business management and general tax services for businesses, high-level financial groups, trusts, closely held entities, high net worth individuals, and startups.

Furthermore, Mr. Stephan is frequently retained by other CPAs and attorneys to perform forensic accounting and litigation support, including expert witness services relating to various accounting, fraud and tax compliance matters.

Norman J. Kreisman, ESQ