Selling your Professional Services as a “Non-Professional” Salesperson


by Peter Y. Stephan & Matthew Cohen

If you are a professional required to sell your services, you need this book.  You will have at your fingertips, the information you need to comfortably sell without the stress that usually comes with the territory.

This book is a must for CPAs, Attorneys, EAs, insurance agents, realtors, wealth managers, investment advisors, doctors, dentists and anyone else that provides services to their clients.

105 Pages

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Learn what it took years for successful salespeople to learn including:

  • Listen 70% of the time and talk only 30% of the time
  • Buyers are Liars
  • Find out what is causing the “Pain”
  • Pre-qualify your prospects
  • Sell without being an unpaid “consultant”
  • …and much more

Over 100 pages, this book will help you increase your sales and just as important, be comfortable doing so.

Would you like to download a preview of the book? Click here

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