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The Ultimate Professional’s System (Full System)



If you want to grow your business, you need to (1) bring in prospective clients, (2) sell them on using your services and (3) know what you are doing.  We offer all three in this comprehensive package.  This is a must for anyone looking to expand or begin a practice.

Includes online instruction, testing and unlimited online access to digital versions of the Marketing, Sales and Resolution manuals!

Watch this short video to see how it works!

Product Description

The TRI Three Segment System

We understand that knowing how to do your job is not the same as knowing how to run a business.  We have put together this program to turn you and your company into a full service operation.  Have the tools to market and sell your services will ensure that you have business coming in all year long.

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Resolution
  • Online access to instruction, testing and booklets

In your kit you will receive:

  • Marketing Segment manual
  • Marketing workbook
  • Marketing cheat sheets
  • Marketing audio companion
  • Sales Segment manual
  • Sales workbook
  • Sales cheat sheets
  • Sales audio companion
  • Resolution Segment manual
  • Resolution workbook
  • Resolution cheat sheets
  • Resolution audio companion
  • Cheat sheets CD
  • Worksheets CD
  • and much more…

In addition you will receive an audio companion if you want to listen to the material at home, in the office or in the car.  Each segment includes online quizzes as part of the material review.  Click on the “Additional Information” tab to see more detailed information of what is included.


*Shipping time – up to three weeks

Terms and conditions

Additional Information


•Marketing Segment manual
•Marketing workbook
•Marketing cheat sheets
•Marketing audio companion
•Sales Segment manual
•Sales workbook
•Sales cheat sheets
•Sales audio companion
•Resolution Segment manual
•Resolution workbook
•Resolution cheat sheets
•Resolution audio companion
•Cheat sheets CD
•Worksheets CD
•and much more…

Marketing Segment

•TRI’s PMEM System
•Creating a marketing plan
•Setting marketing goals
•TRI Marketing toolbox
•How to measure results
•and much more…

Sales Segment

•How to prequalify prospects
•How to gain a prospect’s trust
•Finding a prospect’s motivation
•Setting a price
•Closing a sale
•and much more…

Resolution Segment

•Installment agreements
•Offers in compromise
•Penalty abatement
•Taxes and bankruptcy
•and much more…

Cheat Sheats

•Planning a strategy
•7 Reasons to Modify a Marketing Plan
•TRI marketing toolbox
•Seasonal marketing
•and 10 more…

•Setting expectations
•Creating a bond
•Transition questions
•Motivation questions
•and 4 more…

•Client folder checklist
•IRS initial contact checklist
•Sequence of events checklist
•Offer in compromise tips and traps
•and 7 more…

Online Lessons


•Gain Trust
•Discover motivation
•Set price
•Close the sale

•Sequence of events
•Installment agreements
•Offers in compromise
•Penalties and interest
•and more…

Digital Access

Segment 1 – Marketing Manual
Segment 2 – Sales Manual
Segment 3 – Resolution Manual