Sales and Marketing Evaluation Tool


What You will Discover in this Report:

  • How effective are you in crucial new account development areas?
  • How much improvement could be expected in these areas?
  • Are you treating each sales situation as a top producer would?
  • What levels of expectation should you have in developing new business?
  • How effective are you at influencing different types of buyers?

Once your payment is processed you will be emailed a code allowing you to complete the evaluation.

This evaluation is a must for any professional selling their services.  Gain invaluable information at a steal!


There are several fundamental differences between a competent professional (i.e. accountant, lawyer, lender) and a successful sales person.  This single principle explains why competency alone rarely translates into lasting success.  However, it is possible to modify your communication style to effectively modify another person’s behavioral response to stimuli.

Behavior is not about what you do but rather is about how you react to stimuli, and this reaction is driven by primary underlying emotions that few people can control.  Each person has a unique behavioral map that influences how they deal with others. This behavioral map allows you to discover:

  • The precise obstacles that impede your ability to persuade prospects to become clients
  • The buying habits that impact the way you present information, ultimately pushing prospects away from you
  • How prospects perceive you
  • When to modify your communication style to become more effective with various types of prospects


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