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  • 30 Minutes Free Consultation time
  • FREE Comprehensive Library including valuable white papers
  • FREE access to comprehensive Knowledge Base
  • NEW – Tax Hotline (have ALL of your tax questions answered…not just the tax resolution ones)
  • 2 FREE eLearning Courses
  • FREE Webinars
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Do these sound familiar?

  • You place your client into an installment agreement that they cannot afford to pay
  • Your client comes to you with a tax matter that you do not know how to resolve
  • You know how to resolve a client’s tax matter but are too busy to complete the work by yourself

Whether you are a CPA, Bankruptcy Attorney, or Enrolled Agent you will benefit from our Tax Resolution Training program. You should be knowledgeable in this area whether you plan on performing this type of work or not; and if you are, you want to be well-prepared.  Our courses and materials offer the tools you need to diagnose, treat, and resolve even the most complex tax problems. Our 1-hour free consultation time (no limit to the number of clients) insures that no matter what questions may arise you will have the most qualified and highly experienced CPAs and Tax Attorneys at your disposal. Call us now…

(877) 829-8370

Our Platinum Package offers a comprehensive library of resources that is a must for any professional seeking to assist their clients with tax problems. This package is an amazing value for any tax professional looking to expand or improve their tax resolution practice.

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Who should subscribe?

Any Attorney, CPA, or EA who is interested in (1) adding a lucrative new area to their practice, (2) being able to assist their client’s in resolving tax issues in order to retain their annuity driven business and (3) having a full time tax advisory hotline at their disposal. Our financial document diagnosis and tax resolution training & support team will prepare you in handling new and existing cases of with confidence. At $90.00 per month you cannot go wrong.

Why Pay Us?

Benefits include:

  • Top tier financial expertise provided by the Tax Resolution Institute
  • Phone support included for every subscriber
  • Document review (via fax or email)
  • A constant flow of new and updated the material

Live Professional Help:

If you are an attorney, CPA, or EA needing assistance we are here to help.  For example, if you are a family law attorney requiring forensic accounting services or have general forensic accounting questions, you can fax or email us financial statements in order to obtain answers. This will ensure that you go to court adequately prepared. Family lawyers requiring due diligence with regard to tax returns and financial statements…for $90/month how can you afford not to?  Consultation services are included in the subscription price.

No Fail Guarantee:

What is our No Fail Guarantee? You took on a case and realize its more complex than you estimated; if you have used up the consultation time included with your subscription, you can continue to receive phone support at the discounted rate offered to subscribers. Do not let fear of malpractice prevent you from taking on this financially complex but lucrative work.

Make more money:

Spousal or Child support calculations; Business Dissolution Tax assistance; Audit Issues; Tax Collection Issues; Tax Lien Issues; Audit or Tax Collection Appeals Guidance including criminal tax matters… and more!

Protect yourself from Malpractice Claims:

Offer the very highest level of service to your clients while protecting yourself from malpractice, your client is guaranteed to receive top-level service while you are guaranteed peace of mind. Do not let the fear of a malpractice claim prevent you from taking on this lucrative work.

*Only available to new subscribers.  Your credit card will be debited beginning in the third month after the subscription becomes active.  You may cancel at anytime, and if you cancel within the 60 Free membership period, no charges will apply.